Results of the Sentinel Citizen Pilot Project
Posted on 08/06/2021

The Sentinel Citizen Pilot Project team set up the atmospheric commons as mutual ground for the collaboration between a range of sectors, including academia, industry, citizens and policymakers. They held a workshop in atmospheric commons and made an assessment of the citizen science (CS) and earth observation (EO) capacities required for the development of mutual CS & EO air quality-related solutions (

In addition, they developed the Local Air Pollution Forecast, combining CS data with other data. The Local Air Pollution Forecast integrates the use of earth observation data for macro location detection, clustering citizen sensing data (HoLu), localisation of air pollution forecasting (CAMS) and local data correlation.

Find here the Declaration of Atmospheric Commoons and the Repository of Atmospheric Commons reports :

Check out more information about the Sentinel Citizen Pilot Project: